HK Satellite Manufacturing Center

Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group will cooperate with strategic partners to build the Hong Kong Satellite Manufacturing Center, oriented to develop satellite precision manufacturing and serve global commercial satellite needs, and drive Hong Kong to form commercial aerospace R&D, Satellite Assembly lntegration Test (AIT) and Satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) and other industry application highlights.

  • "Made in Hong Kong" Satellite

    Prioritize the manufacture of micro-satellites weighing less than 100 KG, and have 1,000 KG class satellite manufacturing capabilities

  • Parallel Assembly and Testing Capabilities

    With more than 8 commercial small satellites parallel assembly and comprehensive testing capabilities

  • Scalability

    Through expansion and construction, it can be directly transformed into a pulsating intelligent AIT production line

  • Automation and Flexibility

    Develop automated and flexible satellite AIT work

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