Golden Bauhinia Constellation

The "Golden Bauhinia" constellation is an active-passive hybrid low-orbit high-frequency satellite constellation that combines optical remote sensing and synthetic aperture radar to form an all-weather and near-real-time dynamic monitoring system. Establish specialized applications for regional dynamic monitoring system driven by real-time satellite communication and navigation requirements, achieve full-cycle monitoring of refined management and ecological environment construction and build a smart city of the future.

Golden Bauhinia Constellation
Satellite Ground Receiving Station
Satellite Manufacture
Aerospace Industry Applications
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Golden Bauhinia Constellation

• Complete Coverage of 11 city clusters in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
• Temporal resolution is lower than 5 minutes
• Single satellite constellation’s resolution is lower than 0.5m
• Provide aerospace big data, images and videos at any time (24/7/365)

112 sets Golden Bauhinia Constellation cover the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Satellite Ground Receiving Station

Hong Kong Satellite Ground Receiving Station
• Right of use obtained
• Official operation on January 1, 2006
• Can be used to record and process remote sensing data received from satellites
• Useful information for governments and private organizations in Hong Kong, South China and surrounding areas
• Promote a variety of emerging industrial and commercial activities related to remote sensing data processing, software development, and other professional value-added services
• Provide an important platform to promote technical cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland
• Accelerating the development of remote sensing technology industry in the Greater Pearl River Delta region

Global layout
Construct 50 satellite international commercial ground receiving stations fully featured with "communication-navigation-remote sensing"

Satellite Manufacture

A comprehensive laboratory assembly integrating testing of satellites below 100kg

The whole satellite customization

Satellite parts customization

Satellite payload customization

Aerospace Industry Applications